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PATH Ministries (People Accepting Their Holiness)

Our Prayer for All People

There are many names of God,

many faces of God,

many paths to God,

but there is only one God,

and this God expresses through all people.

Knowing this,

we bless people of every race, religion, cultural background, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, rank, power, economic status, and mental or physical ability.

We celebrate the divinity of all people

and give thanks that this is so.  

About PATH

PATH Ministries is more than a church without walls, it is an inner sanctuary. We hold everyone in our highest consciousness for the unfoldment of their full potential and their perpetual blessings. To this end, we provide discussion groups (PATH CHATS), classes, study groups, and workshops at a variety of locations in and around Hendersonville and Flat Rock, NC, plus prayer support, creative coaching, spiritual mentoring and pastoral care and counseling online, in person, or via phone on a love offering basis. Our services include weddings, holy unions, memorials, celebrations of life, house blessings, or whatever your spiritual needs may be. We design personalized ceremonies that reflect the significance of your special occasion. In PATH Ministries, we are open and receptive to people of all faiths and humanistic beliefs.

PATH Ministries was born in 1988 with Rev. Sharon Poindexter in Kansas City, MO. Rev. Sharon had just been ordained at Unity Village and held a vision of a church without walls that would minister to people who wanted a deeply spiritual experience, but not necessarily within church walls. She named it PATH Ministries, which stood for Pray And Things Happen. Rev. Sharon had a tremendous impact on many people in many cities.

She was a powerful speaker, a brilliant workshop facilitator, a true visionary and blessing to humanity. For all those who were in her original ministry, I hope you will welcome this renaissance. PATH Ministries has now been transformed by Rev. Richard Talley and Rev. Eileen Douglas, and now the letters stand for People Accepting Their Holiness, and the group is called PATHFINDERS. Prayer is still our greatest resource, and while this incarnation of PATH is somewhat different from the original ministry under Rev. Sharon, please know that her spirit still guides Rev. Eileen and Rev. Richard, and that her presence, power, and dedication live on in our faith, prayer, and dedication to service.

We strive to assist and encourage you in letting that Holy Light express through you via your spiritual gifts, and we bless you for being open to becoming all you were created you to be. Our gift to you is to assist you in staying in the Flow of Spirit, in the River of Love. As a song said, "God's love is flowing like a river, a gentle stream that knows no end, and as you sail along life's journey, God's love will guide you round each bend."

The greatest thing in all my life is knowing you.

The greatest thing in all my life is loving you.

The greatest thing in all my life is serving you.

I want to know you, love you, serve you, more! 



Note: Please also support this ministry by passing the website and/or email address on to friends via word-of-mouth or facebook. PATHFINDERS now has its own facebook page. We invite you to friend us there and leave us a message. Please follow our blog at this website and pass it on to others as well.

Love offerings to support this ministry are gratefully accepted and appreciated, and will be used to support the work of this ministry worldwide. 

Donations may be made via PayPal or may be sent 374 Indian Springs Trail, Hendersonville, NC 28792.

Rev. Eileen may be reached at 360-607-1858, at [email protected] or on facebook at Eileen Douglas or Pathfinders.

Rev. Richard may be reached at 360-606-2024, or on facebook at Richard Talley or Pathfinders.