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PATH Ministries (People Accepting Their Holiness)



In your daily prayers, please join us in affirming the following:

  • Peace among the nations of the world...
  • Complete healing for all those pain/...
  • Regulation and normalization of weather patterns...
  • Respect and resolution in conflicted families...
  • Nourishment for the hungry of the world...
  • Comfort for those in loss and grief...
  • Guidance for the leaders of all nations...
  • Comfort the victims of violence...
  • Courage for all those in our nation to stand up for compassionate values and action.

Holy Spirit, bring the perfect reflection of our Creator's vision and purpose to our world. We give thanks for your blessings. Amen. And so it is...

Stained glass

by Rev. Richard Talley

Flat Rock, NC


  • I am now in the presence of Pure Being and immersed in the Holy Spirit of life, love, and wisdom. (Charles Fillmore)
  • God is but Love, and therefore so am I. (A Course in Miracles)
  • I am in God; God is in me as me. (Rev.Jim Lee)
  • Only good comes through me; only good comes to me. I am holy. (Ash Ruiz)
  • I am a Holy Child of God--perfect, whole, and complete.
  • I awaken to the beauty and potential of everything around me.
  • I hear Your music everywhere. I see you everywhere.
  • God's love is flowing through me like a river that has no end. Blessings are mine.
  • I am eternally connected with those I love.
  • God and I and You and I are One.
  • When I feel weak, I feel your Strength within me, and I am strong.
  • My world is filled with people who care about and take care of each other. All needs are met.