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PATH Ministries (People Accepting Their Holiness)

Pray....And Things Happen!


Good Grief....

Posted on August 5, 2015 at 12:56 PM Comments comments ()
What is there to grieve but a longing in the soul for unfulfilled dreams...for passion unexpressed...for unrequited love?  We grieve for what we have loved and lost or never had at all.  We pine for unperceived knowledge and glory.  We grieve, knowing this, too, shall pass, even as we linger in our pain.

Can we gloss over, manage, or even skip grief entirely?  Can we drown it in our tears or deny its existence?  Can we will ourselves to overcome it and get on with life?  Or is grief part of being human?

Grief, like every other human emotion built into our earthly body suit is a touchstone, a rite of passage into maturity.  Without grief, how do we measure the depth of our love?  When my husband and  served as hospice chaplains in and around Santa Fe, NM, we visited one man on the first anniversary of the death of his beloved wife.  As we spoke, I asked if the pain of her passing was lessening.  He replied, "No.  Every day I give thanks that some pain remains, because it reminds me of how deeply we loved each other.  I'm afraid if the pain goes away, so will the memory of the love we shared."

Grief helps us develop compassion for ourselves and others.  It causes us to pause and acknowledge our connections with each other in this human experience of life.  Grief joins us in the shared experience of feelings, doubts, and questions.  Grief assures us that we are not alone but are connected across time and space with others.  As I traced my own ancestry across many centuries down to the present time, I discovered that women in earlier times often gave birth to many children during their fertile years, but more children died during birth or from disease than survived. Something in me felt a deep grief in empathy for my predecessors.  For a moment I felt a visceral response to their pain; then I felt numb.  I realize I still carry their pain of loss across centuries of time whenever I see children who are sick or hungry around the world.  We share our grief for hundreds of years through our spiritual DNA. 

Grief is a journey through the dark night of the soul.  We learn from it and we carry its memories with us as we emerge again and again into the bright light of love and compassion.  Grief changes us and leaves its stigmata to remind us of the depth of our wisdom and experience; it gives us the strength and courage to follow our path.  Grief is a worthy companion and guide for overcoming and incorporating the vicissitudes of life on this planet as a human spiritual being.

A Fork in the Road....

Posted on June 7, 2015 at 12:13 PM Comments comments ()
Today, Pathfinders meets a fork in the road, and a path will be chosen.  Or will it? 

If we go to the left, what will we encounter?  If we take the fork to the right, will it matter?

Today, Pathfinders will hold its first Sunday Gathering.  Does that make it a church?  Must we adopt certain beliefs to attend?  What about another place I go to?  Do I have to switch allegiance?  The answer to each of these questions is NO!

Pathfinders was not formed be a church with a building and a staff and a creed one must recite.  Rather, Pathfinders is a supportive spiritual system of people who know that Spirit lives witin them...people who are committed to a spiritual life, whatever form that may take...people who are open and accepting and growing....people who desire to express more of Spirit in their lives.

You are a Pathfinder if you know that spirituality is an important component to your life...if you love and accept others and encourage them on their paths....if you know spirituality is an inside job.

Our purpose at Pathfinders is to reveal to people their own inherent spiritual nature and to encourage them to express that in the world.  Our world needs each and every soul now present on the planet to discover, explore and express the Spirit Within them, because without that the picture of our wholeness is complete.  As Ram Dass said, "We're all just walking each other home."

Pathfinders seek universal truth wherever it is found---in the words of Jesus, Buddha, Great Spirit, Allah, just to name a few.  We take those truths inside of ourselves and contemplate and meditate upon them.  If our inner guidance is such that this is a truth for us to incorporate in our own lives for the betterment of all, then we put it into practice.

Our gifts come in many forms:  healing, prayer, creative arts, visual arts, hospitality, study, writing.....and others.  Each of these gifts are given so that we can bless the world.  Your gift is essential; it is critical that you nurture and develop it so we can once more come into our wholeness.

Master Teacher Jesus told us that greater things than he did, we would do.  Now is the time to bring that prophecy into fruition with the love and support of each other. 

We will gather today, and some of us will take one fork in the road and some will take the other.  It doesn't matter, for we walk in Spirit and in Truth, knowing all roads eventually converge once more in our Oneness.

Hoping to see you there on Sundays at 4 pm at Jongo Java Coffeehouse on Main Street in Hendersonville, NC.  If you cannot be there in person, please hold us in the light of love and laughter.

LETTING IT UNFOLD....Not Standing in the MIddle Trying to Orchestrate

Posted on May 25, 2015 at 1:32 PM Comments comments ()

Beginning June 7, we'll be gathering at Jongo Java Coffeehouse, the best coffee shop in Hendersonville, NC, at 4 pm, for a little music, a little meditation, a little reflections and discussion. 

As with everything Pathfinders does, we include all people of every creed (or no creed), race, age, gender, color, lifestyle....and any we've left join us.

Our purpose is to offer an opportunity to a larger population to discover and explore the Spirit within them and in each other.  It doesn't matter what you call God--i call it Dear One--or if you follow Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed or any avatar/leader/savior.  What matters is that it's time for everyone to recognize that the Divine Spirit lives and breathes in everyone and to honor that in every way.

Let's erase the boundaries, blow up the box, blur the lines, and love and respect each other.  It's all good.  It's all God.  It's in everyone of us!

Pass the word along.....until even the rocks cry out!


Posted on October 30, 2014 at 1:46 PM Comments comments ()
At our PATH CHAT this morning, we talked about times when we have felt fear.  We shared stories, we looked at what kinds of fears we have experienced, and then came the question:  IS FEAR REAL?

We noticed that our fears were either external or internal and usually originated with something in childhood, however we wondered if humans are hard-wired for fear and whether or not experiencing it is optional.

FEAR has been metaphysicalized by many people and groups of people.  One school teaches that it is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.  While I love acronyms, this doesn't do it for me, because I ask, If I can feel FEAR, then isn't it real?  If I feel LOVE, isn't that real?  How do the two, then, differ?

One person in our PATH CHAT described FEAR as "the absence of LOVE," and that has real power for me.  Rather than wondering if FEAR is real, I can choose to replace it--whatever it is or isn't--with LOVE, and I know that LOVE is real.  I chose to think of the key word here as FAITH, since I have faith in the power of LOVE.  Whatever feels, looks, or sounds like FEAR, can be transformed to LOVE.  I have FAITH that this is so.

A great spiritual teacher, Peace Pilgrim, proved time again that her FAITH in God's protection under many trying and dangerous circumstances brought LOVE, not FEAR.  She withstood the elements, attackers, poverty, and isolation, but always relied on her FAITH to replace FEAR with LOVE.

Can we do the same?  Of course, we can.  Peace Pilgrim is no braver than any of us who have chosen different paths than hers.  The task is simple:  our choice must always be forLOVE, not FEAR, and knowing our power and capability to choose rightly strengthens our FAITH

Service or solace? You tell us!

Posted on September 14, 2012 at 2:43 PM Comments comments ()
We haven't posted in a while, but we're back now on a regular basis to share thoughtful questions, concerns, and insights as you travel along your spiritual path. 

Today, let's think about our regular blog, to our spiritual paths, to our authentic selves.  And consider what a "return" means.  Is it a step backwards?  Is it a retrogression rather than a progression?  Can is be a positive thing?

We believe that taking a step back can be a good thing, giving us time to reflect on the past and sort it out.  For example, we have reread our blog reflections in the past and wonder if there has been a positive response.  Have our insights and musings been of service or solace to anyone?  Is there a reason to continue or do we just like to see our words in print?

We like to think that we are all connected in Spirit and in Truth and we want to serve those who seek assistance, confirmation, or support along their own spiritual path.  If our blog reflections on this website have lifted your spirits, informed or excited you, please let us know.  You can email us at [email protected] or find us on facebook at PATH Ministries.  Thank you for your time and input.

                     Revs. Richard Talley and Eileen Douglas

Every Day is Your "Lucky" Day!

Posted on September 26, 2011 at 2:21 PM Comments comments ()
Lucky four leaf clover doesn't guarantee success and transformation as much as commitment, intention and willingness do.If you're already on a spiritual path, you know it isn't about "luck." 

It's about intention, commitment, and willingness.

I'd be willing to bet that most of us have wished others good luck or have felt we were at times lucky or unlucky ourselves. "Luck"is defined as "success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions" and as " chance considered as a force that causes good or bad things to happen." 

In fact, in English we often use phrases such as "The luck of the draw," "Tough luck," and "As luck would have it," conveying the idea that we are not in control of what happens to us, but that we are buffeted about by the winds of chance in the universe.

We understand that this is nonsense, but how many of us have said such things?  It permeates our language, and language posits our deepest cultural beliefs.  We know our words have power and that as we speak them they go out into the world to do our will and to create our experiences.  

What if we replaced the word luck or lucky with God or Spirit?  Would that be a powerful affirmation to keep in circulation in our world?  Let's see...

***"As GOD would have it"--sounds much IS  much better!

***"With a little bit of SPIRIT"--I like it!

***"With GOD, we'll make it."  Yes!

***"You're in GOD!"  All right now!

Monitor what you say.
Your words give your power away!
Choose carefully and
Speak purposefully,
You won't need any "good luck" today!

Sweet Spirit, let the words of my mouth an the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you and for our world.  AMEN

YOU on the Path Less Traveled

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 10:50 AM Comments comments ()
Does anyone else but me see the pattern of the letter Y?  Y stands for YOU, and that is always your point of decision.  We have free will along the spiritual path, and so the choice is always ours regarding which way to follow. 

There is a theory of parallel universes that says everything is happening at once and that we are simultaneously living out all of our choices.  With this in mind, then, does it matter which path we choose, if we're following them all anyway?

Yes, it most certainly matters, because when we receive spiritual guidance and then choose accordingly, we are then consciously aware of our chosen path.  Even though we may also be traveling along other paths simultaneously, it is the chosen path of which we are aware in the present moment.  That is where the learning takes the present moment.  This is where we evolve spiritually.  This is where we ingest the truth along our spiritual path.  This is our moment of eternity!

Sweet Spirit, when I am presented with making a choice of which path to take on my spiritual journey, let me always follow your lead.  Let me stay in this moment and learn what is mine to learn.  AMEN.

Which Path Makes All The Difference?

Posted on September 21, 2011 at 6:58 PM Comments comments ()
African paths
Everyone remembers the poem that begins, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood."  I have always pictured those two roads as autumn leaf-covered level paths winding into a sun-dappled forest.  And most of us who are consciously on a spiritual path would claim we chose the road less traveled so as to "make all the difference." 

I never thought before that perhaps the roads or paths weren't flat and easily traveled.  What if one was the high road and one was the low road?  What if both roads led uphill, but one was full of twists and turns and rocky precipices?  Which one would we choose then?  If we knew ahead of time what perils and/or promises were presented along the path we choose, would we still choose it?  What difference does it make?  All the difference, so the poet concluded.

Perhaps the difference is how we choose which path to take.  If we are  spiritually guided, then we know it is the right path, no matter what we may encounter along the way.  We know that we are never alone, and that we can trust our inner/higher source to help us make wise decisions.  And, we know that there are lessons to be learned and blessings to be gleaned from challenges. And that truly makes all the difference!

INNER GUIDE, let me have the strength to turn to you when I am faced with a decision, and let me follow you guidance, knowing you will be with me on my journey towards remembering my wholeness.  AMEN.

Come Along the Path of Deeper Consciousness...

Posted on September 5, 2011 at 1:01 PM Comments comments ()
Come...into our sacred space without walls...into a state of consciousness that loves, affirms, and embraces all people as spiritual beings, made in the image and likeness of the One Presence and One Power that created us. 

So it says on our home page.  What does it mean to enter a sacred space without walls?  For each one of us it is different.  It could be an outdoor chapel with trees as walls and the sky as the ceiling.  Perhaps it is a quiet corner of the house with a comfortable chair, a candle and a seashell.  Maybe for you it is walking along the beach hearing the soft breaking of waves on the sandy shore.

Or maybe it isn't a place at all...maybe it's a state of mind around which there are no boundaries, no limits, no walls to keep us apart...where there is only I and Thou.  In such a place or state of mind as this, there is no judgement, no comparisons, no us and them...only the sacred Oneness of us all.  Only here in the holy light of wisdom do we perceive the reality of who and what we are--children of the Divine, whole and perfect and complete.

How could it be any other way?  If the Creator is perfect, and we are made in its image, then does it not follow that we too are perfect?  In A Course in Miracles, we find the affirmation, "I am as God created me."  And so it is.
Creator of it all, let me remember who and what we are, and let me walk in glory with all your creation.
Write your post here.

Something's Coming....Something Good!

Posted on August 28, 2011 at 9:39 PM Comments comments ()

Can you smell autumn in the air yet?  Just a hint of what's to come...

Miracles are like that, too!  Sometimes you just know that something's coming, something good--just like in the song from West Side Story.  We may not know what it is, but we "feel it in our bones." 

You might just have a hunch, or begin notice how things are falling into place, or feel amazingly motivated in a certain direction.  There are often signs along the way that we miss because we're going too fast.  Have you ever been speeding down the freeway and you miss the signs for your exit?  It's not that they weren't there, it's just that you were probably going too fast to notice them or you weren't paying attention.  Once we slow down and take notice of what's going on around us, we see a spiritual plan unfolding. We see good things coming our way.  We feel empowered as we watch things beginning to come to pass.

As a good friend, Rev. Caryl Menkus always reminded us, just listen and pay attention.  We can add just watch and just tune in.  Once we do this, we'll be ready to prepare for the changes and challenges that come with becoming all that we are meant to be.  ARE YOU READY? CAN YOU FEEL IT IN THE AIR?  SOMETHING'S COMING....SOMETHING GOOD!

Creative Force within me and all around me, I feel your presence and your power as you work in my life.  I am alert to your action that I may do what is mine to do in order to bring about the highest good for all.