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PATH Ministries (People Accepting Their Holiness)

Pray....And Things Happen!


We Are One with Those at the Border

Posted on June 26, 2018 at 12:38 PM Comments comments ()
As I watch the film clips and photographs of the immigrants seeking asylum at our southern border, my heart cries not only for those people but also for their ancestors, many of whom were indigenous peoples who were shuffled around time and again while the white people stole their land.

Doesn't anyone realize that most of the immigrants are of Native American descent mixed with the Hispanic blood of the Spanish conquistadors? Thus current assault on them is but a continuation of the oppression of those who were here in the western hemisphere before the white Europeans came and savagely conquered and took the lands.

The United States of America purports to stand for freedom for all, however, it--we--if you are white, we have selectively excluded others who do not fit into our carefully manicured image of "Americans."  These people are immigrants, but they are Americans, too.

Part of my husband's family was given a King's Land Grant from the King of Spain several centuries ago including what is now the City of San Antonio. Even their rights to that land are questionable because they became part of the conquering force. When that land became a part of Texas and then the United States, they had to come across the border from Mexico, what had been their land. Over the centuries, the Mexican people became a mixed group of both Spanish and Indian ancestry, with other ethnicities in there, too.

I, as are many in the United States and in the world, appalled by the cruelty with which the U.S. immigration laws or policies are being enforced. The practice of separating families at the border and sending children to distant places far from the parents is abhorrent, as is the turning away of those who seek asylum from horrendous gang violence in their native countries. Does anyone remember that we, the U.S., used to finance the wars of dictators in those same places?

The U.S. is not using its power and wealth kindly or civilly. We have become bullies around the world, especially along our own border, rather than the leaders of freedom, as we used to consider ourselves. We have allowed our own rights as determiners of national laws and actions to be surrendered by those who are supposed to represent us. We are not a "one nation under God" by any measurement. Whether viewed from a secular of spiritual point of view, what is happening now is unethical and immoral and we must demand that it stop now!

Even as we exercise our rights as citizens of the United States, we must also turn to Spirit to guide us in interceding in this hateful process. We are all one, and whatever we do or allow to be done to others, we do to ourselves.

I pray daily that our leaders' hearts be softened and their minds opened. Please join me in this effort.

It's Time to Fall In Love With Yourself!

Posted on July 25, 2015 at 8:12 PM Comments comments ()
Fall in love with yourself? As songstress Whitney Houston sang, "the greatest love of all is deep inside of me."  And it's inside of you, too.  People are always looking outside of themselves to find love.  Everyone needs love; it is essential to growing up living a healthy life. 

Our parents, teachers, and  ministers forget to tell us that
WE ARE LOVE ourselves.  We are made in the image and likeness of a Creator who is the essence of love.  Life may deal us difficult conditions, but once we know that we are love, we can choose to meet whatever comes to us with love. 

I clearly remember when Rev. Jim Rosemergy, a Unity minister, said that the only love you'll ever feel is the love that flows forth from you.  What a transformational concept.  WE ARE LOVE, AND WE HAVE TO EXPRESS THAT LOVE TO FEEL IT AND ACT FROM IT IN OUR LIVES!

So, what next?  How do you use this idea?  In order to feel the love that we already are, you have to put it to work in everything you do, from grocery shopping, to errand running, even to big decision making.  Will you be perfect at first?  Probably not, if you're living in a human body. You can begin making it a habit to pause before every reaction in your day and choose to respond with love.  It may change your response, which is better than reacting in a knee-jerk answer.  As you practice coming from love, the habit will grow and you will notice changes in the love you feel yourself and in the way others respond to you.  Falling in love and expressing the love that you are brings hidden treasures in your life.

              SAY AND DO.

Please check out our other pages and leave a response or a prayer request for us.  Let us know how this spiritual practice works for you.

Strut Your Stuff!

Posted on July 7, 2011 at 1:16 PM Comments comments ()
What a lesson in The Law of Attraction!  Maybe this bird knows what he's doing, and maybe he doesn't, but the effect is  the same--he's attracting what he's looking for.

It's not too different for us.  What we seek out is usually just what we get.  If we display our many colors, talents, and gifts, we attract people and situations that are perfectly compatible with us and our intentions.  But, if we show only our dull, complaining, poor-me side, then we'll attract just that--whiners, dullards, and victims.  

All the prosperity we'll ever need is right within us in the form of our gifts and talents, and we are surrounded by the abundant universe that responds to our openness.  I remember a girlfriend of mine many years ago who complained that all she encountered were alcoholic men.  I asked her where she met them--and you guessed it--in bars!  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we determine in advance what life will bring us both through our attitudes and actions.  

I also fondly remember Rev. Sharon Poindexter, founding minister of PATH Ministries, reminding us to affirm expecting "this or something better." 

Warm Father, Strong Mother God, may I acknowledge the treasures within myself, and in giving them freely and joyfully, watch them multiply.

January in July....

Posted on July 6, 2011 at 12:58 PM Comments comments ()
The BIG BANG of the 4th of July is past, and we face the sweltering days of summer until Labor Day, at which time many people, especially students, return to work.  What if we had the power in our minds to change the weather, the seasons, the calendar?

This sounds more like magic or metaphysical voodoo, but we have implanted within us imaginations so vivid that we can recreate the feelings, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of any time and any place.  And that's not just mumbo-jumbo.  Psychologists know the power of people, especially children, to be able to remove themselves from negative situations and transport themselves mentally to a whole other time and place.  It's called dissociation, and that sense, it's a survival skill. 

In our everyday lives, we still have this ability to use our imaginations to improve our surroundings.  It isn't to be used lightly, or as a means of avoidance, but it is a wonderful tool for coping with daily life.  There are verified instances of gurus in the East who can sit in a frozen landscape, surrounded by snow and ice, and yet, through meditation, melt the ice around where they are sitting. 

When we visualize through imagination, we create the energy of the real situation we are visualizing.  Our senses respond to this and tell the brain that the situation is real.  This is the path of imagination, not escape, and it is vitally important in being able to solve problems in our lives as well.  Einstein noted that we cannot ever solve a problem at the same level at which it was created.  Therefore, through using our imaginations, we can lift our consciousness to a higher level and there see things differently.  When we see things differently, we see new ways of solving problems or coping with circumstances and changing them.

Yes, in the heat of summer, we can use this power to imagine a chilly January day in the midst of high temperatures and high humidity.  But we can also use this sacred power to address those things in our lives which need healing.  In meditation, we can not only change our inner temperature, we can change our perspectives.  And that is one definition of a miracle!

Holy Spirit, Dynamic Force of the Universe, work through me today to use my imagination for high purposes.  Through lifting my consciousness, let me lift that of the world.

You're So Far Away....

Posted on June 30, 2011 at 11:17 AM Comments comments ()
Yesterday  I listened to the old Carole King song, Far Away, and I thought about how far away things sometime seem to us, even though they may be as close as a memory.  Sometimes even the Divine Spirit seems far away, too, even though it is only no more than a breath away. 

In the times when what we love or crave or need seems distant, we may feel lost, abandoned, alone, rejected, and unworthy.  What we forget is that there is no separation, except as our own perception dictates.  We have the power and potential within us to change our perception and transform it into the truth of what we know in our hearts---that we are all One! 

God and I and You and I and All and I are One in Spirit and in Truth.

Hug A Tree for Healing!

Posted on June 27, 2011 at 11:51 AM Comments comments ()
Being an avid tree hugger, this link immediately caught my eye on facebook and I thought I'd give you the link for the website.  There is no doubt in my mind about the healing nature of trees, and indeed of the healing qualities of all nature.  As we open our minds and hearts, we are filled with ancient knowledge that is just as valid now as it was then.  Consider that many modern medicines come from the natural world and have been passed down through the years through medicine men and shamans.  Aspirin is a good example, but scientists are finding new information every day from the rainforests to the vegetable garden about how plants can heal us.

Has it not crossed anyone else's mind that plants were put here for the express purpose of being healing agents?  

Then let us give thanks for our awakening vision of the created world having everything we need for our healing.  Those beautiful trees we see everyday all around us can be valuable tools to help in our healing processes.

React or Respond?

Posted on June 8, 2011 at 10:23 AM Comments comments ()
Toddler, Eileen Douglas, minister at 3 yrs. old; on a spiritual path even then.How often do we (I) revert to our childish behaviors and thought processes when we are confronted with old emotions applied to new events?  How do we catch ourselves before we react rather than respond?  I ask myself, "Is my three-year-old self in charge, or is the adult me ready to step up and take control?"  

I have noticed that as I detect old situations clothed in new array, I can choose to respond rather than automatically react in old ways.  The trick is to recognize the old dragons as they rise up.  Then we can dissolve them by not engaging in old combat.

How to do this?  How to recognize, then respond?  I pray.  I tune in to that healed part of me that knows better.  I conspire with my Higher Self to choose a new way, a healthier way to deal with old patterns.  There is always a split second between stimulus and response wherein I can make a choice not to react in old ways.  And I can develop ahead of time new responses, new behaviors that ensure new outcomes instead of old predictable results.  I can choose to do things differently in order to get different results. 

Thank you, Sweet Spirit, for always being available for me to turn to.  Let me make the choice for your wise counsel over my ingrained reactions to events in my life.  With you, I will take a moment to respond rather than react.  Amen.