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PATH Ministries (People Accepting Their Holiness)

Rev. Richard 


Ordained by the Association of Unity Churches in June of 1993 following graduation from Unity School for Religious studies, Rev. Richard brought with him a philosophy of ministry based on the concept that reaching outside the walls of a church to minister is equally important to the ministry that occurs in the church.

His ministries in Santa Fe, NM, Omaha NE, Indianapolis, IN, Hemet, CA, and Portland, OR, have been marked by outreach in the form of pastoral ministry, hospices, shelters, schools, poor families, and to other people in need.

Rev. Richard has a BS from Kansas University in Medical technology, and a BA from Emporia State University in Biology, and then worked as a microbiologist at the VA Hospital.

After several years, he took up the art of stained glass and then decided to partner in a stained glass retail shop, expanding to include additional shops and a wholesale business in and around Kansas City. As a world-renowned stained glass artist (see his mandala "Ripples in a Pond" at right), he has had his work in homes, galleries, businesses and communities around the world.

While succeeding in the business world, Richard felt that it was important to be in the community, starting a laboratory in Westport Free Health Clinic in KCMO, volunteering with the homeless, battered women’s shelters, and community food banks. This led to a deeper call, and Rev. Richard applied and was accepted to the Ministerial Education Program at Unity School of Religious Studies in Lee’s Summit MO. He and life-partner and spouse Rev. Eileen Douglas have ministered in churches and communities in New Mexico, Nebraska, Indiana, California, Washington, and Oregon. Presently, they live in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and are excited in the re-vitalization of PATH Ministries and the birth of PATHFINDERS.

A great part of Rev. Richard’s ongoing vision of ministry is as an advocate for social justice, building community, empowering people and inclusivity. His perspective of religion and spirituality are evolving, but he believes that spirituality--how one chooses to live one’s life--has more impact than any dogma one espouses.

Rev. Talley pursued a Masters in Art Therapy in Oregon, but a family member’s illness called for relocation to North Carolina. Rev. Talley completed a Masters degree in Psychology from Saybrook University with emphasis in creativity and coaching for wellness and creative expression. He also completed his doctorate in psychology. With his acknowledged Gift of Presence, he offers coaching and guidance that is appreciated by all those he has touched in his lifetime.

As he pursued his doctorate in psychology, Rev. Richard researched identity formation in people with multiple racial ancestry. He gives presentations on diversity and inclusivity to sensitize and educate others in reaching out and relating to people with diverse backgrounds.

Rev. Richard may be reached a 360-606-2024, at [email protected] or on facebook at Richard Talley or PATHFINDERS.